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Welcome & Enjoy today as if it were a Present
  Every thing on this site is free and not even a donate button

     Thank you for taking your time to visit.  People in my life had some very specific health issues that I wanted to help them address in a more natural way. During this process I found a passion for how herbs can help the body heal itself. Due to lung issues (infection & lung flukes) I can no longer make Herbal Salves and gave the formulas and some herbs to a friend who wanted to start a home business.

     After about 20 years of research on herbs and a late resurrection and exploration of dowsing I began to connect the two. What started as a mild interest to pass the time while I endured months of medical tests to satisfy a short term disability company, dowsing a map for historical sites, buried treasure and dinosaur bones became routine.

     That is when I started dowsing for health, both my own and for friends. Within a short time referrals began to come in from others I had helped. So my site is to share with you some of the knowledge from my research and to introduce you to dowsing for health. Please feel free to share with friends and family anything you find helpful. That is the goal of this site to help as many people as possible around the world to take control of their health.

     There are many simple remedies found in nature that are not utilized in Western Medicine but should be. Here are just a few and many more are on the page links for specific disorders. You will find many herbs listed for each condition so you should be able to find something in your area of the world to help. For those who just browse, here are just a few even if you are not working on major issues or are just curious to learn.

   An apple a day keeps the Doctor away is more than a cute rhyme it does have some merit. The acid in apples will help keep your PH level more alkaline to help prevent the start of disease and lessen the chance of cancer cells in our body from growing. They also contain Pectin which will naturally clean the plaque buildup in our vascular system and organs.

  Pineapple Juice or Pulp will dissolve the venom of most spiders (including the Hobo and Brown Recluse and other alkaloid based venoms) as well as bee, wasp or hornet stings and some alkaloid based snake venoms. Just place it on the puncture site as soon as possible to limit the damage and pain. If you don't have pineapple handy get a bottle of meat tenderizer and use it as the digestive enzyme is from either from pineapple or papaya which will dissolve any alkaloid venom. Personally I would not recommend getting bitten by a snake to test this.

  Garlic is Mother Nature’s magic plant. Given the right dosage and duration it will kill almost every known bacterial, viral or fungal infection. You will find a list under the Glossary & Lists page with the dosage and duration information. It is even effective against MRSA and drug resistant strains.  Possibly even some like HIV and Hepatitis C and other disorders considered uncurable by todays medicine. It would be worth a try. Find dosage and duration information, for the major conditions we humans share, on the Glossary and Lists page.

   Pumpkin fruit will kill almost any parasite found in the world. Unless you love pumpkin daily for seven to ten days you might want to get pumpkin powder. When Western Medicine treated me for a bacterial lung infection that almost had me in the emergency room they missed that I also had lung fluke infestation as well. Boy I got sick of pumpkin pie but it was worth it to finally have my lung function improve after the Doctors said that was as good as it would get for the rest of my life. My breathing is steadily improving but that  takes a long time. In America most doctors, unless they come from a country like Vietnam or South America, just don't think of parasites. Having used it on several people with liver flukes and pork round worm infestations and myself, lung flukes, it is quite fast working in as little as seven days for most conditions. In Herbal Medicine books you will see pumpkin seed listed but the flesh of the plant works the most rapid and many times more effective than the seed. For the dosage and duration for specific non paying renters in your body go to the Glossary and Lists page.

   Hypothyroidism is one of the most under diagnosed conditions in America and the Western solution is to put you on a synthetic hormone for the rest of your life. The problem is your pituitary gland which controls the thyroid function sees the hormone and says I guess there is enough and does not stimulate the thyroid. This can cause the thyroid to atrophy and lose the ability to control your body metabolism. Maca stimulates the pituitary gland which controls the thyroid and the herb Guggul stimulates the thyroid gland itself. Guggul is normally given in Herbal Medicine for cholesterol not for thyroid issues. If you are in need of Iodine in your diet the best and least expensive Vitamin is Kelp. It is natural, contains almost all of the vitamins, essential and trace minerals in the right proportions for our body in a plant form for better absorption.   For this condition you can use the Basal Body temperature measurement to check yourself.
I have been controlling this issue with these herbs myself for over 20 years.   

   Grapefruit Pectin will clear your arteries, veins and heart . This is not one you will find in most Herbal Medicine books or research but it is a safe and inexpensive way to clear your cardiovascular system. It works fairly quickly and is much less expensive and painful than the bypass, stints or surgery options used to correct those issues. If you take it for a long time, one or two years you will even reverse some of the damage of emphysema, erectile dysfunction caused by blocked arteries. Apple pectin is also effective but hard to find in a powdered form. Take only the powdered kind as the caplet (hard tablets) are large and you only get a small amount in your blood stream. The only powdered form I have found is at Puritan Pride (puritan.com) as an addition to a Probiotics capsule. This form is clearing the arteries of my 87 year old Mother who does not take herbs but has IBS so will take a probiotic to help that issue. I suppose it is all right to be sneaky when it is your Mother. Note: I do not endorse or receive any compensation from any company this was the only one I could find with powdered Pectin in a capsule and their product quality and price are excellent.

   PH balance in the body can help prevent disease including Cancer cell growth. PH has been studied mostly by Naturopathic Doctors and others in the natural health arena. Your body is like a plant in that if the PH balance is off you open the door for most major disorders. It is important to keep our body on the Alkaline side of the scale to get the most preventive effects. All major disorders have one thing in common and that is an Acidic body PH balance.  The solution is to eat or drink citrus juice every week because when your body processes the acid it becomes alkaline. Another habit to get into if you like apples is to eat one per day for the Pectin and the acid content which will help the PH levels. If you have body odor that smells you are almost always acidic and need to drink more juice.

   Enlarged Prostate gland and low testosterone often go hand in hand. Use Horny Goat Weed to address the testosterone issue as it also helps repress DHT that can effect the prostate. Get some Beta Sita Sterol to further aid in reducing the size of your prostrate. DHT is directly effected by Beta Sita Sterol (active ingrediant in Saw Palmetto) but it would take a large amount to have an effect so use the extract for better results.

   Don't feel like you have no control over your disorder. When you feel like you are not in charge and merely rely on someone else, myself included, you reduce the effectiveness of your immune system to heal and protect you so take charge, learn as much as you can and be very proactive and optimistic about your future to give your body the best chance of healing itself. Educate yourself even if it is only by watching shows like Dr. Oz & The Doctors also make use of both online resources and your local library. The importance of the Mind and Body link is just now being studied seriously by science.


     The majority of this site is to help people interested in dealing with disease in a more natural way. Please feel free to browse at leisure the sections on disease and disorders and the Folk and Herbal Remedies used to treat them. Being mostly a researcher myself I am aware of the hours spent just finding which herbs are used for each condition. Hopefully this will speed your search and lessen the wasted hours. You will find help on the Useful Links page to databases and learning sites as well as a few on the Wisdom & Humor page just to help you laugh or ponder.

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                  Thank you for visiting and please send in your comments or
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